Sunday, December 21, 2008


We have been having a bit of snow here in Southern Oregon and a lot up here on our mountain. We had about 17 inches over two days. This is very unusual. A few years ago we had 20 inches, but usually we have one or two snows that drop a few inches and melt pretty quick. This is lasting and we nestled in for a couple of days. And the snow still didn't melt so we had to plow out to the paved road a mile and a half away. Once out there we found the roads clear and everyone going about their lives as usual. This always surprises me. I think everyone around must be snowed in too and hunkered down in front of the woodstove like we are.
So I petted cats, made some Christmas presents and some new books. I love the new books. It's a wonderful thing to love what I make. I come in from the studio all aglow and full of satisfaction. Soft covered books are very appealing to me right now. I do some that are what I call Bound Art because there are lots of pages of different sizes filled with art bound up with the blank pages. And I have been doing single signature books too which are so sweet and easy and make nice gifts.


Friday, December 5, 2008

Lots has been going on around here. Nort, my husband and I have been working on my Etsy site which is now up so I hope you will take a look and any feedback would be greatly appreciated. And I have been working on this blog which I said I would never do but, well, Leighanna Light insisted I could and should so I am. She and I have a very special relationship which goes back many years to when she lived in Southern Oregon also. She was working at a stamp store and I taught book making classes there. We have mentored and encouraged each other in learning, teaching and just plain navigating through life for a long time now.

The other big thing that has been wonderful and consuming a lot of my time are our two kittens, Stella and Bella. They are a little over 4 months now and we got them when they were 2 months old. They are sisters and they are loads of fun. Stella is the calico and Bella the gray tabby.

I have been out in the studio a lot lately. The colors just call to me. I've been playing with my hand carved stamps and the stencils you will see info on below. So there are many new books in the works.

And I just got the email confirming the acceptance of my proposals to teach at Art & Soul in Portland OR in 2009. I will be teaching 3 classes. One is a two day and two are one day classes.

It started to get cold here but it is sunny up here on my mountain. Down in town, on the valley floor, it gets foggy a lot in December and January. I forgot that and thought it might be time to move back down to be closer to people and things I want to do out there in the world. But then I went into town yesterday and felt the cold and the fog and I am thinking maybe we'll stay in our paradise a bit longer.