Sunday, December 21, 2008


We have been having a bit of snow here in Southern Oregon and a lot up here on our mountain. We had about 17 inches over two days. This is very unusual. A few years ago we had 20 inches, but usually we have one or two snows that drop a few inches and melt pretty quick. This is lasting and we nestled in for a couple of days. And the snow still didn't melt so we had to plow out to the paved road a mile and a half away. Once out there we found the roads clear and everyone going about their lives as usual. This always surprises me. I think everyone around must be snowed in too and hunkered down in front of the woodstove like we are.
So I petted cats, made some Christmas presents and some new books. I love the new books. It's a wonderful thing to love what I make. I come in from the studio all aglow and full of satisfaction. Soft covered books are very appealing to me right now. I do some that are what I call Bound Art because there are lots of pages of different sizes filled with art bound up with the blank pages. And I have been doing single signature books too which are so sweet and easy and make nice gifts.


donna joy said...

You could send some of that white stuff down to us in texas~we'll take it for a day or two :)

Robin said...

Good for you, Albie!!! (For posting!) Beautiful snow pictures. Know what it's like to think everyone is hunkered down like me (we have a very steep road that turns to a sheet of deep ice in no time and STILL hasn't completely melted) and then finaly get out only to find that nearly everyone else is out and about on clear roads. Love your bound art books... they're scrumptious. I want to stroke the pages and smell them... YUMMMMM! Happy new year! Robin A.