Thursday, December 3, 2009

What's your art?

I was visiting with some long time friends recently and as I looked around the table I thought what a creative group we are, we maker of things. My friend Karina is a maker of relationships. She has an amazing capacity for intimacy. Connections with people are foremost for her and the way she loves and nurtures her friends and family is deep and juicy.

My friend, the incredibly talented artist Ann Georgia, is diving into the art of hanging shows of artist's work. Picture this, several artists with different styles and mediums bring in their paintings, sculptures, drawings, metalwork, woodwork, and so on. Their works of art are now the medium she gets to create with. It is a lot of work and no small feat to hang a bunch of different artist's work and present it all to advantage. To create a conversation between the pieces. To bring all the parts together to create one work of art made up of the many. Thank goodness someone likes to do this. And this artist does it very well indeed.

We are all putting our energy somewhere, hopefully we are making our lives and those of others more satisfying and beautiful. How do you honor your creativity? What is your art?


Suzanne Reynolds said...

Hi Albie, Great question. I think my two arts are nurturing family and friends; and making things that bring me joy in the process. Sometimes these conflict, especially when it come to time. But often they complement one another. For example, my art group had a sale last weekend which involves a great amount of art-making along with teamwork and support of one another.

Wishing you joy in this season.

Odd Chick said...

I was so happy to find your site and explore the territory of WHO you are. I thought you were such a neat soul! I was at Artful Journey and I didn't take your class, only because I couldn't take them all! But I loved what you did and the textures you taught. I'm going to try my hand at some of these things on my own because you have so inspired me.