Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My Pastepaper Using the Stencils

Here are some of the pieces I am playing with, some of which will make their way into books. Maybe.

I start out with a fairly limited palette and as I work the colors get "modified". That's my new way of saying the colors get polluted as I put the blue brush into the red container and the yellow brush into the green container because I am working so fast and having so much fun.

These changes in the original colors are often quite wonderful. As the colors change they become more mine and often lead me to move in a new direction design-wise.

Now these pieces below are interesting to me. I was cleaning up and wanted to use the paint that was leftover on the sponges, brushes and stencils. I was working on papers that had something on them already. The dogs. The rejects you don't know why you saved. I just stenciled over them. I got hooked on one stencil in particular and worked really fast and messy and I absolutely love the rawness of some of these pieces. I couldn't stop and the clean up phase was long gone and I was making yet more mess.

Life is good.


Odd Chick said...

Hi Albie,
I was so inspired by you and the journals I saw at Artful Journey, especially one of your students-Amy Krueger- that I came to your site. I ordered some of your supply suggestions and with just enough information to be dangerous, I made my own journal. It's not near the quality of your student's designs but it did fulfull a longing in me. If you have time visit my blog, I put a link to your blog there in a new blog post about my journal and I know many more people will be inspired by you.

2 Soul Sisters said...

These are beautiful! I just ran across your blog and I really like the things I see here. Kudos to you!

Odd Chick said...

Hi Albie,
I was at Artful Journey and even though I didn't get to take your class, I was totally inspired by the journals you so masterfully taught and so I came to your blog. I gave you a link on my last post at my blog so that others could see the beautiful things you're doing and be inspired also!

Amy C. Krueger said...

so jealous! wish i was there playing along side you! these are lovely. time to mix up some new colors around these parts.