Thursday, June 3, 2010

Ann George's Table at Art & Soul

Here are some photos of Ann Georgia’s tables at the vendor’s sale at Art & Soul. It was an amazing display of nature’s treasures mostly from the part of Virginia where Ann lives. I say mostly because one of her friends came up with a shark’s jaw that she happened to have lying around the house.

One of Ann’s talents is hanging art shows and when she was standing amidst the boxes and bundles of branches, bones and bugs she had brought I thought she would be there forever setting up and offered to help. But she said she was going to set up her tables in the same way she hangs shows and when I came down later I was delighted with the results.

And apparently so were others.
It was a lively evening and Ann enjoyed sharing her enthusiasm for the natural world with kindred souls. Hopefully she will be back at Hampton next year.

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me again said...

I blogged today about my FANTASTIC paste paper class at Hampton's Art & Soul. Thought you might be interested :-)
(one of the three from Canada!)