Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Loads of color and pattern coming through these days!

These photos are a taste of what's going to happen in the Intro to Paste Paper workshop that is coming in September as an evening workshop at Art is You in Petaluma, California.
I had a wonderful time working with Sallianne and Ellen at Art is You last year and though I was planning to take a real break from teaching I couldn't pass up the chance to have more fun with their crew.

In addition to the evening class I'll be offering three one day workshops at that event. Shazam! is a surface design on paper class
featuring paste paper, crystal, and
dyed paper. We'll be making lots of
gorgeous pieces that day!

You'll be in Stitches is one I haven't taught before and I'm excited about it. The focus is on soft sided books with a variety of stitches. AND you will learn how to make a hard cover binding too.

Strong and Beautiful is a fun book made with canvas, I can't stop making them.

 February 2013 you will find me happily ensconced at An Artful Journey in the mountains just outside of Los Gatos, California teaching a three day workshop. Nina, Orly, DJ, Jessie and Katie are the other instructors at this fabulous event.

Tomorrow starts the Ashland Independent Film Festival here in southern Oregon and Christine is on her way down to spend 5 days with me seeing a bunch of wonderful new films. We'll be joining several friends and having wonderful discussions in what little time we have for meals. It's so much fun.
More about the goings on here in Jacksonville, where the pear blossoms are in full bloom, soon.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

More from the workshop....

Thanks to Amy Krueger for these colorful shots from the June workshop in my studio.

We produced lots and lots of paper!

Gorgeous blow outs!

The lovely Stella.

Colorful pulp in tubs.

Thanks to Bev Martini for cleaning the floor.

Yummy paints...

You can see that a good time was had by all.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

What's Going On?

Everything changes. That is about the only thing I know for sure. And mostly I forget it. My plan was to take time off from teaching after An Artful Journey in February. Since that has been cancelled, my sabbatical (the length of which is unknown) will start after I teach in Petaluma, California at Art is You.

There are still spaces in all 3 of my one day workshops there.

So what have I been doing with my time anyway? Well, you know how life is, this takes some attention and that takes time and the days flow on.
In the spring, Christine Webb of The Artist's Nook in Colorado hosted me for three days of workshops. It was fun to renew friendships and make some new ones. I was so pleased to be invited back for my third time there and very honored by the gals who traveled from out of state to work with me. Marcy and Don McKenzie took fantastic care of me for the 5 days I was there. Some highlights of that part of the trip were seeing a bookcase in Marcy's studio FILLED with the many books in many styles that she has made over the years, a day trip into Rocky Mountain National Park, the visit to Estes Park and the wonderful scrapbook and art supply shop and also the independent book store there. And the fudge from the candy shop wasn't half bad. Besides all that we visited a sculpture park and the Governor's Show which was filled with art made by Colorado artists. I was very taken by some cowboy art, the paintings done in tempera and the scratchboard art, done in great detail, of wildlife. All in all we had a full schedule in Colorado.
From there I flew to Philadelphia and stayed outside the city with my dear friend Polly. She lives in Chester Springs with its green, green rolling hills and stone houses and winding roads. The arty part of that week was a coveted visit to The Barnes Foundation gallery. If you have not heard of this collection, google The Barnes Foundation and maybe see the film The Art of The Steal which you can rent if you use Netflix. We spent the afternoon immersed in masterpieces by Renoir, Picasso, Van Gogh, Matisse, and many other artists. I thought that would be the highlight of that visit but what really moved me was spending time with Polly and her sister Janey who flew in from Wyoming towards the end of my visit. The only other time I had been with both the sisters together was about twenty years ago at their mother's funeral. So it was a treat to see them having fun, laughing and joking and just loving being together.

From Philadelphia I took the high speed train to D.C. where my dear friend Ann Georgia picked me up and whisked me off to Sperryville, Virginia and her homestead in the hollow. There we sat on the porch watching the bugs and birds and the breezes ripple through the grasses. We also got to visit friends who are also artists and look at what they had going on in their studios.

As far as creating goes, I have been working on the landscaping at the little house I moved into last summer. In fact today a bunch of trees I bought at a nursery sale the other day are getting planted. I chose birches and maples of varying colors and textures. Yummmm. I think the contrast with the native cedars will be interesting.

And I have started painting again with my teacher who is visiting from British Columbia.

Oh, and I had a fabulous time making paste paper and handmade paper after the 5 day workshop we did here at the studio in June. Those gals really inspired me and our visits to the local stamp and art supply store helped too. The photos are from those wonderful days.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Register for An Artful Journey February 2012

Registration opens today, July 12th, for An Artful Journey which
takes place in February 2012
in Los Gatos, California.

If I weren't one of the instructors I would be signing up for one of the workshops and three wonderful days of art.

My workshop is limited to 12 people so if you or anyone you know wants to come play with me this is an excellent time to do it. This event is special for many reasons. Cindy Woods O'Leary takes excellent care of everyone, with attention to every detail including snacks and because the setting is lovely and three days to focus your artistic exploration is a rare opportunity. Check out Cindy's blog to get a taste of the quality of what she has created with this event.

Life is pulling me to explore something new, though I am not quite sure what that is yet. I do know I want to be painting again which is something I haven't been doing the last couple of years. After An Artful Journey 2012 I will be taking time off from teaching to see what wants to happen. So get your friends and yourself on out to California and come play with me.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Notes from An Artful Journey

What a rich and full time it was at An Artful Journey again this year. It was an enthusiastic group in my workshop and they were focused, productive and talented. At the end of the first day I looked at the paste paper that was spread out drying and was taken by the quality of the design and color that was displayed. Oh yes, and by the quantity of it too. There were some people here who knew what they liked and wanted and how to get it!! And for others, it took some time to work the medium and make it theirs.

There were lots of choices with several mediums to explore and book forms to create so everyone got to sample what interested them and concentrate on what really did it for them. Here are some examples of playing with the dyes.

As the hours passed and the days moved on everyone’s work table reflected their style. Several of my tribe showed up; those who work in chaos. And then there were the folks who kept order in spite of the volume of papers they were accumulating. How do they do that?

With a little one-on-one time with me even the neatest, most organized person in the room can be induced to let go, let it fly, work fast, get messy, not understand, and then bring it all into focus and love it. Well, they might not like the part when they do not understand. But they get over that.

One of the things I loved about the classroom we had this time was the big white erasable board that I used for lists, diagrams and instructions.

Here’s a sheet of paste paper with the river rock pattern from the stencil from

A whole lot of beautiful books were made.

An Artful Journey is such a wonderful experience in part because it is a relatively small event. There were 5 teachers instructing in various mediums. The conference center is surrounded by nature and Cindy O’Leary really takes very good care of us.

The next An Artful Journey takes place February 23rd-27th with DJ Pettitt, Katie Kendrick, Tory Brokenshire, Flora Bowley and Albie Smith offering 3 day workshops. I am limiting my class to 12 people so if you are interested sign up as soon as registration opens sometime in July. Check out Cindy’s blog for more photos of this year’s event

and Kelly Warren has some great info and photos too.

I want to thank Mikki Lesowitz and Carmen Tangherlini for sending me the great photos you see in this blog entry.