Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Loads of color and pattern coming through these days!

These photos are a taste of what's going to happen in the Intro to Paste Paper workshop that is coming in September as an evening workshop at Art is You in Petaluma, California.
I had a wonderful time working with Sallianne and Ellen at Art is You last year and though I was planning to take a real break from teaching I couldn't pass up the chance to have more fun with their crew.

In addition to the evening class I'll be offering three one day workshops at that event. Shazam! is a surface design on paper class
featuring paste paper, crystal, and
dyed paper. We'll be making lots of
gorgeous pieces that day!

You'll be in Stitches is one I haven't taught before and I'm excited about it. The focus is on soft sided books with a variety of stitches. AND you will learn how to make a hard cover binding too.

Strong and Beautiful is a fun book made with canvas, I can't stop making them.

 February 2013 you will find me happily ensconced at An Artful Journey in the mountains just outside of Los Gatos, California teaching a three day workshop. Nina, Orly, DJ, Jessie and Katie are the other instructors at this fabulous event.

Tomorrow starts the Ashland Independent Film Festival here in southern Oregon and Christine is on her way down to spend 5 days with me seeing a bunch of wonderful new films. We'll be joining several friends and having wonderful discussions in what little time we have for meals. It's so much fun.
More about the goings on here in Jacksonville, where the pear blossoms are in full bloom, soon.

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