Thursday, November 13, 2008

Easy Intricate Stencils

I have been finding wonderful laser cut 12" x 12" scrapbook papers in the craft stores. I don't scrapbook but I do lots of surface design on paper and am always on the lookout for new ways to play with pattern and color. I make these treasures, which cost about $2 into stencils. Here's how: first, the tables in my studio are covered with plastic for easy clean up. I buy the plastic on rolls at either party supply stores or the Cash & Carry restaurant supplier. They are made to cover banquet tables and are handy and economical. Brush acrylic medium (matte or gloss) on the surface of the laser cut paper. Move it to a clean spot on the plastic or it might stick to the surface. When dry flip it over and brush the medium on the other side. I usually do two coats. Now you have a stencil. These are not as sturdy as plastic stencils but if you are careful you'll get a lot of use from them. I don't wash them after using them because the build up of paint makes them stronger. Until it doesn't, and they start to fall apart. Oh well, nothing lasts forever. When they start to rip I sometimes mend them with small pieces of tape and when they are beyond hope they could be used as embellishments in art projects.

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Lorri Scott said...

Hey Albie,

I remember making stencils out of file folders and coating them with a mixture of linseed oil and something that I can't remember. It made a stiff, durable coating. Know what I mean? I'll try to find that if you're interested. It might last longer than the acrylic medium?

Nice to see your blog.